How To Use Essential Oil Of Lavender

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French Lavender field, SAPAD France

Minneapolis native Melissa Farris, pictured to the left, is a certified herbalist and aromatherapist who started her first company, Veriditas Botanicals in 1995. Melissa holds the distinction of being the first herbalist to bring organic essential oils to the marketplace and refuses to sell endangered species. Veriditas Botanicals offers pure, therapeutic grade, organic essential oils imported directly from their producers worldwide. Their close relationships with internationally known essential oil distilleries allow them to offer excellent oils produced with fair labor practices at affordable prices. Veriditas has a deep respect for their growers and producers because they make the highest quality medicinal essential oils offered in the world. These organic essential oils are produced with the intention of being used for their healing properties. Veriditas brings them to you with the love and regard in which they were grown.

True Lavender essential oil is the panacea of aromatherapy. Because it is used for so many different ailments, it is considered to be a pocket-sized first aid kit. Keeping a bottle of Lavender is a definite must in your home pharmacy, car or workplace. Reliable, safe and great smelling, this strong oil is gentle enough to be used “neat” or undiluted, directly on the skin.

Melissa offered us some tips on how to use Lavendar Angustifolia therapeutically. A few recipes call for PeppermintLemon and Tea Tree essential oils in addition to lavender, but don’t worry, Wedge Worldwide carries these oils as well.

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