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  • The “Melissa”, Founder of Veriditas Botanicals
  • French Medical Aromatherapy
  • Pharmaceutical grade 100% organic from S.A. Plantes Aromatiques du Diois.

Melissa has been working with S.A. Plantes Aromatiques du Diois (SAPAD) for the last 20 years. SAPAD is 100% certified Organic and sells 1/3 of the Organic essential oils and hydrosols in the world.

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Melissa's Botanicals Products - Frankincense 5ml, Lavender Reserve 8ml Roll-on, P*!N Remedy 1oz Roll-on, Purification & Immune Formula 15ml, French Lavender 5ml
Purification & Immune Formula 5/15ml

Featured Product Keep you and your family safe with Purification and Immunity Formula

Our Purification and Immune Formula is a multi-purpose, effective blend of Anti-viral and Antibacterial Organic essential oils. Click the button below to find more information:

  • Room/Body Spray – to keep microbes and viruses at bay
  • Hand Sanitizer – use our Purification and Immune Formula and ETOH to make a potent hand sanitizer
  • Internal – take 3-5 drops in 1oz water or juice to boost the immune system and support respiratory functions
  • External – rub 3-5 drops between hands and rub over clothes and hair
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French Lavender - 15ml, P*!N Remedy 8ml Roll-on, Frankincense 5ml

French Medical Aromatherapy Extensive Usage Guide.

Pharmaceutical grade essential oils provide many healthy ways to relieve pain, prevent illness and improve health and wellness. Explore Melissa’s practical applications and Usage Guide. You will find a French Medical Approach with a chemistry reference chart that will help you reshape your idea of Aromatherapy.

Practical Applications and Detailed Usage Guide

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