How Melissa Farris Launched a Successful Organics Business

Melissa Farris went from living in London and going to school to importing French medical grade essential oils and packaging them in her garage in Bloomington. Today her essential oils, Veriditas Botanicals, can be found in over 100 stores in Minnesota but also nation-wide.

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Makers of Minnesota - A podcast hosted by Stephanie Hansen
Veriditas Botanicals, From Organic Farm to Home Farmacy

Veriditas Botanicals

“In the beginning, all creatures were green and vital. They flourished amidst flowers.”

Beautiful words written by Hildegard Von Bingen, a 12th century female theologian who demonstrated a deep and practical knowledge of natural medicine. Inspired by both the natural and the divine, Hildegard coined the term “veriditas” from the latin words for “green” and “truth”.

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Gwyneth Paltrow talks Erewhon and Melissa's Botanicals

Six Exclusive Must-Buys from Erewhon Including Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pick

Los Angeles Magazine asked Gwyneth about essential oils and guess who came up? Veriditas Botanicals Essential Oils are organically farmed in France, and pressed into tiny brown bottles. The entire line of 3 percent food grade pure essential oils can be used for aromatherapeutic, topical, and internal purposes.

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Woman in lavender field

Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils…In My Ice Cream?

This article was a great excuse to talk to the dynamic, knowledgeable Melissa Farris who owns Veriditas Botanicals, a therapeutic grade essential oil line. Melissa has inspired me to cook with essential oils. I now understand that the fear generated around using essential oil in food in the United States has really been a misunderstanding.

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French Lavender field, SAPAD France

How To Use Essential Oil Of Lavender

Minneapolis native Melissa Farris, pictured to the left, is a certified herbalist and aromatherapist who started her first company, Veriditas Botanicals in 1995. Melissa holds the distinction of being the first herbalist to bring organic essential oils to the marketplace and refuses to sell endangered species.

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